With Treeps you can track all your personal travel expenses.
You can easily compare your trips and produce useful statistics about your expenses.

  • Compare your trips by total of expenses, or per person and per day
  • Adding an expense if fast and easy, with nice colourful icons to identify category at a glance
  • Manage expenses with category and sub-category for more precise stats
  • You can add an expense in your currency or the one of the country where you are
  • Currency conversions are automatic and rates are downloaded from the Internet
  • You can set your bank charges for abroad credit cards payments, in order to get more precise conversions
  • Cash management is easy, just type your withdrawal and then cash expenses you think the most relevant
  • You can mark some expenses as temporary, when amount is not sure yet or to anticipate future payments
  • See graph stats by trip or globally, and split expenses by category or sub-category
  • You can save your data on iCloud for more security or to be able to transfert them
  • More new functionalities soon ;)